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Organizational Structure

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Organizational Set Up


  •  Has a capital of Birr 105 million fully paid.


  •  Staffed by 1,415 qualified and experienced permanent staff & 500 employees on contract basis.


  • Current average annual sales raised above Birr 1‚800‚000‚000.00 /USD 98,000‚000.00/


  • Owns ware houses that can hold 820,000 metric tons grain & Coffee at full capacity


Cleaning machines

  • Owns modern Coffee cleaning machines that can polish, sort and clean 90 metric tons coffee per day
  •  Owns modern Oil seed and pulse cleaning machines that can polish, sort and clean 10 metric tons of oil seeds and pulses per hour 


  •  Owns heavy and light trucks to facilitate its export and domestic operation as per customer's requirement.


  • Owns Bulking Machine that can pack 300-320 kilos Coffee, Oilseeds and Pulses at a time

Core Activities

The enterprise currently engaged in:

  •  Export Oil Seeds, Coffee and Pulses to earn foreign currency for the nation.
  • Supply of grain as raw material inputs for local food processing industries, and 
  • Supply of food grain for government, non-government organization, city dwellers and other customers.

Related Services

  • Transportation services,
  • Rental of warehouses and store management. 
  •  Coffee, Oil seeds and Pulses cleaning service by the Enterprise’s modern cleaning machines. 
  •  Weigh bridge services and
  • Provide market information on request.
  •  Fumigation service and issuance of quality certificate.

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Our Mission

By integrating the strategic growth of the country’s agricultural production with agricultural marketing activities, the Enterprise creates market opportunities to farmers and developmental investors. Moreover, the Enterprise generates foreign currency earning by exporting agricultural products and plays a role of developmental force through stabilizing markets for both producers and consumers.  

Our Address

Debrezit Road Opposit to Dashen Bank, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tel:  +251-114- 65 24 36

Fax:  +251-11-465-54-28/251-11-465-27 92

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Website: www egte- ethiopia .com

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